The Nest Tribute and Thanks

On May 2nd 2004  I met Vic Mulaire at the Nest Arts Factory in Bridgeport  Connecticut.  At that time I had hurt my shoulder logging in the hills and I had a temporary job in town, and I was living in my old Chevy van, sleeping on top of my musical equipment, but I had to find a place for my piano. I was searching high and low! Then, the good fellows at Rampage pointed the way of chance. By May 8th, I had enough equipment set up, to turn on, turn up, and go on singing my story out loud to the universe!  

There were many excellent artists and craft people there and it felt like a small village of creativity.

[(Partial list)]   (!!!!!)
Jed Wolf – one man opera
David Flynn – Nest partner and metal artist
John Carnwright – primative futurisium
The USER Boys – event organizers
Valin Gastau -  Artist
Ms. Aime – wood worker
Bob Ledoux – world class artist
Paul Kaiser    Artist – Photographer
Tony DiTullio – Architectural Wood work – Furniture
Billie Jean Sullivan – Artist
Maggie Robertson - Artist

For the next seven years I met and was encouraged by many fascinating people throughout and about the building.  The Nest turned out to be so influential and inspirational for me, that I came to feel as one with the place itself. 

As my time in Bridgeport extended the spirit of the Nest blended with mine, and the projects I did all had a piece of the Nest personality or appearance somewhere in, or on them.  And my projects were beyond my gigs and show and piano!  By the end of 2004 I had designed and self published my first book of poetry lyrics and art.  I had it (Everybody’s Got One) hard covered and bound by Bridgeport National Bindery.  By 2011, many songs, poems, two books, drawings, sculpture, inventions, and creative ideas later, I have invested my blood and soul into the Nest.

The Nest felt like my home/ hometown/ away from home.  It became an extension of me and it became personal to me to keep it alive!  Between my rehearsals and music or poetry or art shows, I made it my duty to guard the building, catching and preventing burglaries that might have wiped out small fortunes.  On top of that, I did construction for many years, and it became my concern to repair age and storm damage to the roof, the gutters, windows, walls, and the brick structure itself.  I felt I was giving myself, body and soul by doing so. This was my haunt away from Wampler Mountain, and from any angle, work that I had done or helped with to keep The Nest alive is evident! Much is also invisible to passers by, but there working anyway. That is just my ways of showing appreciation and gratitude.

I want to say it internationally that I  deeply thank  Vic and David Flynn, for ever having operated the Nest Arts Factory, and allowing me to have absorbed and given back as much as I’ve  been able!

On Friday, June 22, 2012, the Nest Arts Factory was burned; complete loss, to the ground. I will always be grateful for the time I had there.