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Everybody's Got One

Book #1 57 poetic or lyric pieces, in alphabetical order. Each with a line sketch art by W.C.W.
Custom made cloth, silver embossed cover, and red satin page saver. Only a few hundred made.
Bridgeport Bindery


Book #2 71 poetic or lyric pieces, in alphabetical
order, focusing on the dichotomy of all things.
with three relative line sketch drawings by W.C.W.

ISBN # 978-0-595-44606-3

Many A Door

Book #3 151 poetic, lyrical, and art entries in alphabetical
order, including 24 songs with chords,
and 6 full page color art panels by W.C.W.

ISBN # 978-0-98521-8799
Troy Book Makers, Troy, N.Y.