Wild Bill Time Line

1983 Smile On My Face b/w Believe What I Say
1984 Ms. Dreamjeans b/w Jordans Bank
1985 The Verge b/w Quittin Time Cheer
1989 Died on Harley Davidson. CPR. Coma. New Life
1991 CD/Tape Premonition Album Special Guests: John Wampler, Chip Lampro, Jody Lampro, Jay Fruet
1993 Keyboardist of the Year Berkshire Eagle
1993 Ball of Fire LP Special Guests Pete Evangelisto, Pete Lindstrom, Mark Smith, Bobby Sittler, Vicki Ferreira
1994 Wishing Well / Ever Was cassette
1996 Kidagin Baby Album cassette
1996 Metamorphosize Album CD/Tape
1999 The Game double album
Poems published "All Over", "Last Word", "Refocused", "Everything + Nothing", "Listening To Hot Lovers", "A Blink"

Wild Bill does all art and layouts.

Played benefits for: Cancer Research, M.S., Leukemia, Flood Relief, and scholarships for Viet Vet children, 1999 American Red Cross Blood Drive Telethon.

Played Woodstock Freedomfest three times.


John Harley Wampler, Jr.
November 1951 - July 2001

The original Party Army drummer. Believed in bringing a good time to everyone.

A wonderful brother. A great man.

2001 Best Performer 2001 - Songwriters Network

2001 Rollercoaster In Overdrive - single CD

2003 $2000 Poetry Recording Deal - International Society of Poets Contest in Orlando, Florida

2004 Grand Prize Winner - Rock Solid Pressure - Voted Grand Prize Winner in Cyberstation USA's Original Music Competition


In loving memory of
John Harley Wampler, Sr.

July 20, 1929 - Jan 8, 2005

My father. My friend.

A great man who continues to be an inspiration.

2005 January, Published first book "Everybody's Got One"

2005 April 12th - Book signing at Rainy Faye, Bridgeport, CT

2005 September 28 - Voted into the position of Poetry Facilitator of The Berkshire Writers Room Cc.
2007 Published 2nd book "Dichotomy" Poetry, Lyrics and Art
2011 Appointed Poet Laureate Berkshires Writers Room

Published 3rd book "Many A Door"
poetry ,lyrics (24 songs with chords) art
(6 color panels)


Hit by a car


Became official Ghost Hunter


Working on Keshe Technologies Health Application